Walking for everyone

Monheim am Rhein plenty of opportunities for walking enthusiasts! On various trails, you can actively explore the natural world, walking through meadows and forests, floodplains and fields – and, of course, along the Rhine.

Walking – short or long routes?
Whether you do the Neanderlandsteig Trail in stages, go on circular routes through enchanted floodplain woods, briskly walk for the good of your health in Knipprath Woods, stroll along the idyllic banks of the Rhine or take the Leinpfad foot and cycle path across the river – in Monheim am Rhein there are many paths that can give you hiking pleasure. From under three to almost 20 kilometers, the routes range in length and show you the various sights and facets of the city on the river. Set out on a walk and explore Monheim am Rhein in the age-old way of getting around – over hill and dale, together or alone, but always on foot.

Boots on and off you go!

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