Art and culture in Monheim am Rhein

In Monheim am Rhein, you can experience a wealth of art and culture. Modern works of art can be discovered free of charge and up close at many prominent locations throughout the city. Monheimer Kulturwerke, the City's subsidiary in charge of cultural events in Monheim am Rhein, and the Sojus 7 cultural center regularly organize concerts, cabaret and theater performances. All lovers of the written word should take a look at the creative program of the literature center. The former parental home of writer Ulla Hahn now invites visitors to readings, workshops and courses to whet their appetite for literature.

Art in public spaces

Come and see for yourself! In our city, you’ll find works of art on streets, squares, on the Rhine dike, in the Monheim Mitte shopping center and in the old part of town. Even on traffic circles!

We give art plenty of space here. In Monheim am Rhein, art in public spaces is accessible to everyone. Everywhere you look, you’ll find contemporary works of art by renowned artists and thus very special eye-catching objects throughout the city. The selection and design of the works of art is usually very closely related to the place where they’re installed, so that the works of art also create new perspectives on the space in question.

In the meantime, works such as the "Monheim Geyser" by Thomas Stricker or "Leda" by Markus Lüpertz have become well-known landmarks even beyond the city limits.

Cultural venues and events

Be it concerts, exhibitions, readings, theater or art you can participate in – there’s a lot going on in Monheim am Rhein! Discover some exciting cultural venues and events in all corners of Monheim.