This is Monheim am Rhein

Monheim am Rhein is part of the district of Mettmann and is located on the eastern bank of the Rhine, between river kilometers 707 to 717. Here, an inspiring city that is poised between an eventful past and fascinating modernity, a green oasis between the Rhineland centers of Cologne and Düsseldorf, welcomes you. Monheim am Rhein is the only one of the ten district towns that has a direct – and equally long and beautiful – connection to the Rhine. Together, the district promotes itself under the tourist brand of Neanderland. Monheim am Rhein is the promenade of Neanderland – and welcomes you to stroll along it!

Sustainably supporting children and the climate

Elsewhere, people usually just talk the talk, but here, we actually walk the walk! Did you know that the city of Monheim am Rhein offers all its citizens completely free childcare in state-of-the-art daycare centers and schools until the age of 10? Here, early musical and artistic development is also fostered from an early age. A family-friendly climate is created in all areas of life. Monheim am Rhein is the “Children’s Capital” – and this name really says it all.

Sustainability also plays a major role in Monheim’s everyday life as well as in new construction and development projects. It has already been awarded the title of Fairtrade Town for the umpteenth time and is steadily continuing to develop this goal.

The Monheim 4.0 smart city strategy also contributes to this – with innovations that make many areas of life simpler and more sustainable thanks to the use of modern technology.

Shaping the future, but with a sense of tradition

Monheim’s past was quite lively, too. Trade, change and, above all, the mighty river on which we are situated have always brought forth new life and new ideas. The city’s history provides a fascinating overview of the influences of man, nature and technology that have shaped the city that you experience today.

The influence of the Rhineland in the social development of the town shouldn’t be forgotten either. Monheim on the Rhine, for example, lies on two important Rhineland "equators." One is the traditional border between the Carnival cries of "Helau" (the usual cry in Düsseldorf) and "Alaaf" (what Carnival goers shout out in Cologne) runs through our town. As does the so-called "beer equator" between Kölsch (the preferred brew of Cologne) and Alt (the beer drunk in Düsseldorf). For many decades, Monheim am Rhein was home to the only brewery in which Kölsch and Alt were brewed under one roof. We are simply tolerant and very open people. Please feel free to join us!