The Children’s Capital

The designation of "Children’s Capital" is unique, and Monheim am Rhein has even protected it under trademark law. Thanks to wide-ranging concepts and well-thought-out investments, the city now stands out as one of the most child- and family-friendly places in all of Germany. And construction work on the Children’s Capital continues every day. The goal is to give every child the best possible support as they grow up and to create an infrastructure that enables them to develop their best potential – from birth to the start of their working life.t. 

Free childcare in daycare centers and all-day schools

Since 2014, Monheim's daycare centers and all-day schools have been completely free of charge up to the age of ten. The city also offers a wide range of child and youth development services. And the concept is working: In the last ten years, the city has seen an increase of almost 18 percent in children aged 0 to 12. Young talents in music, art, sports and other areas shine in national competitions and prove that every child has very special abilities just waiting to be discovered.

A wide range of offers

Innovative playgrounds co-developed by parents and children, colorful children’s and city festivals, and plenty of space for development can be found throughout the city. Moreover, the art and music schools offer courses tailored to children. And clubs and municipal cultural institutions such as Haus Bürgel and the Ulla Hahn House organize diverse programs of events for the school vacations. Many of these events are free of charge and offer children and young people the space they need to learn and create together.