Sights in Monheim am Rhein

Explore the sights of Monheim am Rhein and discover 2,000 years of exciting history.

Experience Roman history up close

One special treat for history buffs is a visit to the Roman Museum in the former Roman fort of Haus Bürgel. Here, you can see excavation finds from late antiquity and the original fort walls. Since the course of the Rhine shifted in the Middle Ages, these Roman finds are the only ones on the eastern bank of the Rhine. In 2021, Haus Bürgel was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Lower Germanic Limes.

Art, culture and monuments in Monheim am Rhein

The entire city is a museum! From historical monuments such as the Schelmenturm (Rogue’s Tower), which is around 600 years old, to the modern natural work of art that is the Monheim Geyser by Thomas Stricker, you can discover everything at any time. Literature fans are in good hands at the Ulla Hahn House. The author spent much of her childhood in the old brick house on Neustrasse.

Monheim’s Altstadt – the old town

Be sure to visit the Altstadt, the historic part of Monheim am Rhein! Stroll through charming narrow streets, admire the well-preserved half-timbered houses from the 18th century and enjoy a tasty treat at one of the diverse eateries of the city.

Tour the city on an autonomous bus

How about exploring the city from the comfort of one of the autonomous buses? The futuristic-looking electric buses are equipped with modern technology. The round trip from Monheim Mitte to the old town takes you past some sights and straight through the Rogue’s Tower.