Rogue's Tower

The 26 meter high Schelmenturm, or Rogue’s Tower, is the stately landmark of the town and the last part of a fortification built around 1425 to protect the "Freiheit Monheim." The borders of Monheim were fortified in 1275 by the counts and dukes of Berg and rebuilt after being damaged twice by military conflicts. The Rogue’s Tower once also served as a prison, because the German word “Schelm” was not the name given in the past to cheerful people from the Rhineland, but to rogues, criminals and swindlers who were up to mischief in the town. The name Grabenstrasse (“Ditch Street”) indicates that a moat once ran through the street, probably supported by wooden palisades that were connected to the solid defense tower. However, there was no continuous city wall.

Gateway to the old part of town

Coming from Monheim Mitte, the Rogue’s Tower also forms the gateway to the historic old part of Monheim am Rhein. These days, the only motorized vehicles allowed to pass through the archway of the Rogues Tower are the autonomous buses of the A01 line that passes through the old part of town. Why not enjoy a city tour with a difference and take the autonomous bus from Monheim Mitte to the historic center of town? Before passing through the Rogue’s Tower, you will then also pass the “Golden Rogue" statue.

Artistic sculpture: the Golden Rogue

At the foot of the Rogue’s Tower, on the side facing Alte Schulstrasse, you can marvel at the Goldener Schelm, or Golden Rogue, either while walking past or gazing out of the autonomous bus. The bronze sculpture is 2.45 meters high, weighs 180 kilos and was created by Monheim sculptor Elke Tenderich-Veit.

The work of art was created in the style of the miniature version of the honorary award of the Great Monheim Carnival Society (Gromoka). For many years, the society has awarded the Golden Rogue to people who have rendered outstanding services to local customs and the tradition of Carnival.


Opening hours

Due to renovation work, the Rogue’s Tower can, unfortunately, not be visited at the moment – but it always makes a great photo motif.



Grabenstraße 30
40789 Monheim am Rhein

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