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The mighty river, lots of greenery and fresh air – the extraordinary natural charms of Monheim am Rhein appeal to cyclists. The Rhine Cycle Route or the Green 8 km bicycle route offer the ideal environment for nice, long bike rides. And it has the perfect infrastructure to go with it: well-developed bike paths, public air pumps, a bicycle repair column at the Eel Fishing Museum and e-bike charging stations for emergencies, as well as a bike rental station that offers visitors the chance to enjoy spur-of-the-moment bike rides. There are drinking water dispensers at various locations in the city, including at the Tourist Information Office in the Rheinbogen Landscape Park and at the Eel Fishing Museum

Bicycle Map (in German)


A cycling paradise
On you get and off you go! On Monheim’s municipal territory alone, a 10 kilometer stretch of cycle path along the Rhine awaits you and “Old Father Rhine” can be crossed at three points thanks to the Hitdorf ferry, the Piwipper Ferries and the Zons-Urdenbach ferry. Or if you start at Rheinuferstrasse, you can cycle along the Rhine dike in the direction of Baumberg and the Urdenbacher Kämpe Nature Reserve. In addition, the first few kilometers of the cycle expressway have already been completed; once completed, it will run to from Monheim to Neuss via Langenfeld and Düsseldorf.

Cycling infrastructure

Thanks to well-developed bike paths and the steadily growing bicycle expressway, cycling in Monheim am Rhein is a real pleasure. And it’s accompanied by the perfect infrastructure. If you do break down, public air pumps and bicycle repair columns are available throughout the city. That way, you can hop back onto your bike and be on your way again quickly. There are also many e-bike charging stations where you can recharge your bike batteries. And if you’re thirsty, then there are drinking water dispensers where you can fill up your own bottle. What’s more, the drinking water dispensers can also be used by your four-legged friends. If you don’t have your own bike, there are some bikes just waiting for you at Giebner’s rental station in the Rheinbogen Landscape Park. From 2024 onward, there will be a bicycle rental system for all tourists, which will allow them to explore Monheim am Rhein by themselves.

Get on and start cycling!

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