Cycle superhighway

The first few kilometers of the municipal Cycle Superhighway have already been completed. In the near future, it will run straight through the city over a length of 5.4 kilometers and take cyclists quickly and easily to Neuss via Langenfeld, Monheim am Rhein and Düsseldorf.

In Monheim am Rhein, the Cycle Superhighway runs from north to south. It starts at the Monheim-Düsseldorf, at Hellerhofweg, and runs along the Landecker Weg, Benrather Strasse and Baumberger Chaussee axis to the border of the city of Leverkusen at Alfred-Nobel-Strasse.


For a better cycling experience

The Cycle Superhighway can be recognized everywhere by its green markings. The standards for a Cycle Superhighway are significantly higher than those for conventional cycle paths:

  • Widths of two to three meters in each direction of travel
  • Direct line routing
  • Pedestrians and cyclists are kept separate
  • Predominant right of way at intersections
  • High-quality surface

The Cycle Superhighway not only takes cyclists quickly and easily to neighboring towns, but also connects the inner-city districts of Monheim and Baumberg.

Further information on the completion status of the Cycle Superhighway  in Monheim am Rhein can be found here (German only). You can see everything at a glance on our cycle map.