Piwipper Böötchen passenger ferry

Ferryman, ferry me across! The Piwipper Böötchen is a passenger ferry that takes you to the other side of the Rhine to Dormagen or, linking up with the beautiful cycling and hiking trails, to the medieval customs fortress of Zons. Come aboard and experience a short trip on the Rhine before you have solid ground under your feet again after just a few minutes.
The Piwipper ferry carries a maximum of 25 people – and bringing along your bike, stroller or wheelchair is expressly permitted and encouraged. The ferry operates between the Monheim jetty and the "Piwipp" country inn in Dormagen.

How to get there: Kapellenstrasse, near house number 46, 40789 Monheim am Rhein

Coordinates: 51°05'54.2"N 6°53'00.9"E


Crossing times of the Piwipper Böötchen ferry:

From end of March to mid-October: Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: 10:30 am to about 6 pm. The ferry doesn’t run in the winter months.

For the latest information, ticket prices and schedule changes due to high or low tide, visit the ferry operators’ website at www.piwipp-boot.de.


Other ferry operators

Fancy a round trip? Cross the Rhine from Dormagen with the Piwipper Böötchen, enjoy a bike ride or hike along the banks of the Rhine in Monheim, and return to the other side of the Rhine and your starting point with the ferries north and south of the city. Whether you go up or down the river, there’s plenty to explore!

Hitdorf-Langel Ferry (south of Monheim am Rhein)

Zons-Urdenbach Ferry (north of Monheim am Rhein)