Euroga Cycle Path

The Euroga Cycle Path is a network of cycle paths in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands. The 620 km long route leads from the Düsseldorf region and the central Lower Rhine to the Dutch province of Limburg. This network of cycle paths was developed as part of the regional structural development measure “Regionale NRW,” which took place in 2002 under the name “Euroga 2002 plus.” As a cross-border project, this cycle path is intended to connect the regions between the Rhine and Meuse rivers. A lot of regional cultural and natural treasures can be discovered along the way – including in Monheim am Rhein.


Always along the Rhine

Passing Lake Monbag, the route follows the Rhine dyke through the bend of the Rhine at Monheim. Here, the Rheinbogen Landscape Park and the adjacent old part of town as well as Monheim Mitte all invite you to stop and take a break. Further downstream on the Rhine promenade, the Monheim Geyser and Leda sculpture as well as the Eel Fishing Museum in the “Fiat Voluntas” museum ship line the route. Again and again, the beautiful view of the Rhine entices you to make short stops or to linger a little longer.



The restaurants in the old part of Monheim to the south as well as those centrally located in the Monheim Mitte neighborhood and in the northern district of Baumberg leave nothing to be desired if you’d like to stop and take a tasty break. And if you only need to refill your water bottle? No problem – that’s why there are drinking fountains throughout the city. There are always air pumps, bike repair stations and bike boxes located here and there to make sure your bike can keep going. You can see everything at a glance on our cycle map.

The entire network of Euroga cycle paths can be viewed here: