D-Routes – the German Cycle Network

Cycle across the whole of Germany: The German Cycle Network, the so-called D-Routes, consists of a total of 13 long-distance cycle routes and connects all regions of Germany. Two of the routes run through Monheim am Rhein. The Pilgrimage Route (D-Route 7) leads from Scandinavia to Spain. This route is part of the Eurovelo 3 route. The Rhine Route (D-Route 8) also passes Monheim am Rhein. This route is part of Eurovelo 15.

Along the Rhine

Both routes follow the course of the Rhine. On the way downstream, the route follows the Rhine dyke through the “Monheimer Rheinbogen,” a bend of the Rhine, where the Rheinbogen Landscape Park and the adjoining old part of town as well as the Monheim Mitte district all invite you to take a break. Continue north along the Rhine promenade past the Monheim Geyser, the Leda sculpture and the Eel Fishing Museum in the “Fiat Voluntas” museum ship. The beautiful view of the Rhine and various seating options along the way give you a chance to enjoy short stops or longer stays. Before the D-Routes leave the urban area of Monheim am Rhein again, the route takes cyclists into the Urdenbacher Kämpe nature reserve and to Haus Bürgel, the former Roman fort and current UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fancy a break?

The restaurants in the old part of Monheim to the south and those centrally located in the Monheim Mitte neighborhood as well as in the northern district of Baumberg all offer a large variety for a delicious break. And bicycles aren’t forgotten either: air pumps, bicycle repair stations and storage boxes can be found all over the city. You can see everything at a glance on our cycle map.

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