Soccer field on Benrather Straße

Measuring a total of 1,500 square meters, the largest recreational sports and cageball facility in Monheim am Rhein is a paradise for soccer fans of every age.

Artificial turf field for a game of soccer

The centerpiece is the 680 square meter pitch with synthetic turf. With two large and four small goals, soccer fans can play their games along the length of the entire field or across its width. This is a great option for smaller children or when playing one-on-one. The field is completely covered with a net, so no ball can ever get lost.

Panna-Fußball, Fußballtennis und Dribbel-Parcours

In addition, a panna field and a fenced-in field for soccer tennis offer further sporting options. And anyone wanting to hone their technique can do so on the dribbling course.

A climbing frame in the form of a soccer ball and a game of skill

A stainless steel sphere in the shape of half a soccer ball that can be climbed on and moved around, and a skill game for up to four people round off what’s on offer for nimble soccer fans.

And for the half-time break, there are various seating areas – some covered.

Opening hours

The playground is open all year round
during the hours of daylight


Benrather Straße
40789 Monheim am Rhein