The area of the Neanderland stretches from the Rhine to the Bergisches Land region and includes the 10 towns of the district of Mettmann, including Monheim am Rhein – the promenade of the Neanderland. The region attracts visitors to it with its culture and history, modern art, old half-timbered buildings, churches, castles and palaces. Take a leisurely or even brisk hike on one of the 17 stages of the Neanderlandsteig trail through green nature and past many sights.

Neanderthal Museum and Stone Age playground

The Neanderland offers a wealth of activities and sights – especially for families. Visit the Neanderthal Museum ( and learn some interesting facts about the evolution of human beings in a child-friendly and barrier-free exhibition. Not far from the museum is the discovery site of the Neanderthals. Today, there is a 22-meter-high observation and adventure tower here. Opposite the museum, kids can let off steam and play on the large Stone Age playground with a water feature and a 9.5 meter high climbing tower.

Ice Age Game Reserve

A family hike with the chance to observe animals in the wild becomes really exciting in the Ice Age Game Reserve. Here is where you can observe bred-back aurochs and tarpans, animals which have been extinct in Europe for centuries. A particularly popular sight for young and old alike are the annual offspring of the bison, born between May and July.

Climbing park in the forest

How about climbing in the forest adventure climbing park? At the large facility in Velbert-Langeberg, you there are various levels of climbing difficulty that let you experience nature from high above the ground. There’s also a special children’s area suitable for younger explorers.

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